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What do we mean by the term "Applications" at NASA and for the missions?

"Applications" use NASA data and assets to enhance, improve or advance science and technology beyond fundamental research, where the end goal is to support decision making in business, organization and policy. NASA applications help create a bridge and a process to applying new data and knowledge into decision making that can ultimately providing societal benefits.

OCO-2 is actively engaged in supporting and working with NASA’s Applied Science program area of Capacity Building, specifically Applied Remote Sensing Training (ARSET).

“The Capacity Building Program provides individuals and institutions with workforce development, training activities, and collaborative projects to strengthen understanding of Earth observations and expand their use around the world. Through our unique program elements, we work with everyone at every level — from first-time users to long-time professional users of Earth observation data. The program is composed of unique ways to connect with unique users, and includes ARSET, DEVELOP, SERVIR, the Indigenous Peoples Initiative, Equity & Environmental Justice, and Prizes & Challenges.”

Source: Applied Sciences: Empowering People & Communities

To learn more about the NASA Applied Science program, please visit: Applied Science Program.

Why do "Applications"?

The spaceborne data from NASA provide a unique vantage point of looking at Earth as a system that is valuable to understanding how the Earth is working and responding to changes. This perspective will help researchers and others learn more about their models and tools beyond conventional methods. Since one of the long term objectives for applications development is enabling the use of remote sensing data into decision making or decision support processes, the program is committed to capacity building, data product development and user support.

How do we help Users?

OCO-2 helps potential users learn to use our data through the online training modules and live webinars conducted through the ARSET Program. By collaborating with ARSET, OCO-2 has been able to expand the number of potential users and extend the reach around the world.

OCO-2 has offered Beginner training modules for both the XCO2 and the SIF data products. The modules are associated and taught under one of six program focus areas with ARSET. For the most up to date information, please visit Applied Sciences: Applied Remote Sensing Training Program.

Still unsure? Please feel free to email Karen Yuen with any questions.

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