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OCO-2 Publications

OCO-2 Publications between 2014 - November 28th, 2023. See More >>

The following publications relate to the OCO and OCO-2 mission. Publications are authored by either a member or an affiliate of the OCO-2 Science or Instrument Teams, or have referenced the mission, instrument, or science. To obtain more information about a paper, please email our Science Team Lead, Junjie Liu.

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Parazoo, N., G. Keppel-Aleks, S. Sander, B. Byrne, V. Natraj, M. Luo, J. Blavier, L. Dorsky, and R. Nassar
More Frequent Spaceborne Sampling of XCO2 Improves Detectability of Carbon Cycle Seasonal Transitions in Arctic-Boreal Ecosystems ESS Open Archive
Feldman, A., Z. Zhang, Y. Yoshida, P. Gentine, A. Chatterjee, D. Entekhabi, J. Joiner, and B. Poulter
A multi‐satellite framework to rapidly evaluate extreme biosphere cascades: The Western US 2021 drought and heatwave Glob Change Biol, 29, 13, 3634-3651
Sun, Z., Y. An, J. Kong, J. Zhao, W. Cui, T. Nie, T. Zhang, W. Liu, and L. Wu
Exploring the spatio-temporal patterns of global mangrove gross primary production and quantifying the factors affecting its estimation, 1996–2020 Science of The Total Environment, 908, 168262
Xu, W., W. Yuan, D. Wu, Y. Zhang, R. Shen, X. Xia, P. Ciais, and J. Liu
Impacts of record-breaking compound heatwave and drought events in 2022 China on vegetation growth Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 344, 109799
Zhao, F., W. Ma, J. Zhao, Y. Guo, M. Tariq, and J. Li
Global retrieval of the spectrum of terrestrial chlorophyll fluorescence: First results with TROPOMI Remote Sensing of Environment, 300, 113903
Li, Y., S. Yan, and J. Gong
Quantifying uncertainty in soil moisture retrieval using a Bayesian neural network framework Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 215, 108414
Xu, S., Y. Wang, Y. Liu, J. Li, K. Qian, X. Yang, and X. Ma
Evaluating the cumulative and time-lag effects of vegetation response to drought in Central Asia under changing environments Journal of Hydrology, 627, 130455
Acito, N., M. Diani, M. Alibani, and G. Corsini
Matched Filter Based on the Radiative Transfer Model for CO2 Estimation From PRISMA Hyperspectral Data IEEE Geosci. Remote Sensing Lett., 61, 1-13
Ji, Y., W. Zhan, H. Du, S. Wang, L. Li, J. Xiao, Z. Liu, F. Huang, and J. Jin
Urban-rural gradient in vegetation phenology changes of over 1500 cities across China jointly regulated by urbanization and climate change ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 205, 367-384
Yang, M., J. Zou, J. Ding, W. Zou, and H. Yahefujiang
Stronger Cumulative than Lagged Effects of Drought on Vegetation in Central Asia Forests, 14, 11, 2142
Lv, Y., Y. Ma, H. Li, Y. Ding, Q. Meng, and J. Guo
Analysis of spatiotemporal patterns of atmospheric CO2 concentration in the Yellow River Basin over the past decade based on time-series remote sensing data Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 30 , 115745–115757
Liu, X., Q. Lai, S. Yin, Y. Bao, S. Tong, Z. Adiya, A. Sanjjav, and R. Gao
Spatio-temporal patterns and control mechanism of the ecosystem carbon use efficiency across the Mongolian Plateau Science of The Total Environment, 907, 167883
Li, N., J. Xiao, R. Bai, J. Wang, L. Wu, W. Gao, W. Li, M. Chen, and Q. Li
Preseason sunshine duration determines the start of growing season of natural rubber forests International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 124, 103513
Wang, C., Y. Chen, W. Tong, W. Zhou, J. Li, B. Xu, and Q. Hu
Mapping crop phenophases in reproductive growth period by satellite solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence: A case study in mid-temperate zone in China ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 205, 191-205
Qiao, Y., H. Gu, H. Xu, Q. Ma, X. Zhang, Q. Yan, J. Gao, Y. Yang, S. Rossi, N. Smith, J. Liu, and L. Chen
Accelerating effects of growing-season warming on tree seasonal activities are progressively disappearing Science Direct, 33, 17, 3625-3633.e3
Xue, Y., X. Bai, C. Zhao, Q. Tan, Y. Li, G. Luo, L. Wu, F. Chen, C. Li, C. Ran, S. Zhang, M. Liu, S. Gong, L. Xiong, F. Song, C. Du, B. Xiao, Z. Li, and M. Long
Spring photosynthetic phenology of Chinese vegetation in response to climate change and its impact on net primary productivity Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 342, 109734
Ialongo, Iolanda., Rostyslav. Bun, Janne. Hakkarainen, Henrik. Virta, and Tomohiro. Oda
Satellites capture socioeconomic disruptions during the 2022 full-scale war in Ukraine Sci Rep, 13, 14954
Al-Qubati, A., L. Zhang, and K. Pyarali
Climatic drought impacts on key ecosystem services of a low mountain region in Germany Environ Monit Assess, 195, 7
Yan, H., S. Wang, and H. Shugart
Large latitudinal difference in soil nitrogen limitation on global vegetation response to elevated CO2 Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 342, 109717
Zhao, S., M. Liu, M. Tao, W. Zhou, X. Lu, Y. Xiong, F. Li, and Q. Wang
The role of satellite remote sensing in mitigating and adapting to global climate change Science of The Total Environment, 904, 166820
Jin, H., S. vicente-serrano, F. Tian, Z. Cai, T. Conradt, B. Boincean, C. Murphy, B. Farizo, S. Grainger, J. López-Moreno, and L. Eklundh
Higher vegetation sensitivity to meteorological drought in autumn than spring across European biomes Communications Earth & Environment 4: 299, 4, 1
Dunkl, I., N. Lovenduski, A. Collalti, V. Arora, T. Ilyina, and V. Brovkin
Gross primary productivity and the predictability of CO2: more uncertainty in what we predict than how well we predict it Biogeosciences, 20, 16, 3523-3538
Jiao, M., X. Quan, J. Yao, and W. Wang
How Does the Management Paradigm Contain Wildfire Over Southwest China? Evidence From Remote Sensing Observation IEEE Geosci. Remote Sensing Lett., 20, 1-5
Das, C., R. Kunchala, N. Chandra, A. Chhabra, and M. Pandya
Characterizing the regional XCO2 variability and its association with ENSO over India inferred from GOSAT and OCO-2 satellite observations Science of The Total Environment, 902, 166176
Zhong, Z., B. He, Y. Wang, H. Chen, D. Chen, Y. Fu, Y. Chen, L. Guo, Y. Deng, L. Huang, W. Yuan, X. Hao, R. Tang, H. Liu, L. Sun, X. Xie, and Y. Zhang
Disentangling the effects of vapor pressure deficit on northern terrestrial vegetation productivity Science Advances, 9, 32
Jacobson, J., N. Cressie, and A. Zammit-Mangion
Spatial Statistical Prediction of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) from Multivariate OCO-2 Data Remote Sensing, 15, 16, 4038
Liang, A., R. Pang, C. Chen, and C. Xiang
XCO2 Fusion Algorithm Based on Multi-Source Greenhouse Gas Satellites and CarbonTracker Atmosphere, 14, 9, 1335
Xu, Y., X. Li, H. Du, F. Mao, G. Zhou, Z. Huang, W. Fan, Q. Chen, C. Ni, and K. Guo
Improving extraction phenology accuracy using SIF coupled with the vegetation index and mapping the spatiotemporal pattern of bamboo forest phenology Remote Sensing of Environment, 297, 113785
He, L., Y. Xie, J. Wang, J. Zhang, M. Si, Z. Guo, C. Ma, Q. Bie, Z. Li, and J. Ye
Precipitation regimes primarily drive the carbon uptake in the Tibetan Plateau Ecological Indicators, 154, 110694
Wang, Y., J. Liu, P. Wennberg, L. He, D. Bonal, P. Köhler, C. Frankenberg, S. Sitch, and P. Friedlingstein
Elucidating climatic drivers of photosynthesis by tropical forests Glob Change Biol, 29, 17, 4811-4825
Liu, Y., J. Ding, P. Li, R. Zhang, J. Zhao, and T. Dorji
Decreasing elevational gradient in peak photosynthesis timing on the Tibetan Plateau Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 339, 109558
Yang, X., X. Chen, J. Ren, W. Yuan, L. Liu, J. Liu, D. Chen, Y. Xiao, Q. Song, Y. Du, S. Wu, L. Fan, X. Dai, Y. Wang, and Y. Su
A gridded dataset of a leaf-age-dependent leaf area index seasonality product over tropical and subtropical evergreen broadleaved forests Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15, 6, 2601-2622
Rina, W., Y. Bao, E. Guo, S. Tong, X. Huang, and S. Yin
Lagged feedback of peak season photosynthetic activities on local surface temperature in Inner Mongolia, China Environmental Research, 236, 116643
Zuo, C., J. Wang, X. Zhang, and A. Watson
Accelerated vegetative growth measured by gross primary productivity in China from 1980 to 2018 Ecological Indicators, 154, 110704
Shi, X., H. Ding, Z. Yuan, F. Chen, M. Shi, and D. Zhang
Quantifying effects of different types of droughts on gross primary production in China Hydrological Processes, 37, 7
Hu, Y., F. Wei, B. Fu, S. Wang, W. Zhang, and Y. Zhang
Changes and influencing factors of ecosystem resilience in China Environ. Res. Lett., 18, 9, 094012
Bai, Y., S. Li, J. Zhou, M. Liu, and Q. Guo
Revisiting vegetation activity of Mongolian Plateau using multiple remote sensing datasets Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 341, 109649
Liu, Y., X. Yu, C. Dang, H. Yue, X. Wang, H. Niu, P. Zu, and M. Cao
A dryness index TSWDI based on land surface temperature, sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence, and water balance ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 202, 581-598
Imasu, R., T. Matsunaga, M. Nakajima, Y. Yoshida, K. Shiomi, I. Morino, N. Saitoh, Y. Niwa, Y. Someya, Y. Oishi, M. Hashimoto, H. Noda, K. Hikosaka, O. Uchino, S. Maksyutov, H. Takagi, H. Ishida, T. Nakajima, T. Nakajima, and C. Shi
Greenhouse gases Observing SATellite 2 (GOSAT-2): mission overview Prog Earth Planet Sci, 10, 1
Ding, H., Z. Yuan, J. Yin, X. Shi, and M. Shi
Evaluating ecosystem stability based on the dynamic time warping algorithm: A case study in the Minjiang river Basin, China Ecological Indicators, 154, 110501
Li, W., R. Chen, D. Ma, C. Wang, Y. Yang, C. Wang, H. Chen, and G. Yin
Tracking autumn photosynthetic phenology on Tibetan plateau grassland with the green–red vegetation index Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 339, 109573
Zhang, Z., and Y. Zhang, and Y. Zhang
Generating high-resolution total canopy SIF emission from TROPOMI data: Algorithm and application Remote Sensing of Environment, 295, 113699
Ramonet, M., A. Chatterjee, P. Ciais, I. Levin, M. K. Sha, M. Steinbacher, and C. Sweeney
CO₂ in the Atmosphere: Growth and Trends Since 1850 Oxford Research Encyclopedias
Chen, J., Z. Shao, X. Deng, X. Huang, and C. Dang
Vegetation as the catalyst for water circulation on global terrestrial ecosystem Science of The Total Environment, 895, 165071
Zhang, L., T. Li, J. Wu, and H. Yang
Global estimates of gap-free and fine-scale CO2 concentrations during 2014–2020 from satellite and reanalysis data Environment International, 178, 108057
Kou, X., Z. Peng, M. Zhang, F. Hu, X. Han, Z. Li, and L. Lei
The carbon sink in China as seen from GOSAT with a regional inversion system based on the Community Multi-scale Air Quality (CMAQ) and ensemble Kalman smoother (EnKS) Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 23, 12, 6719-6741
Madani, N., N. Parazoo, and C. Miller
Climate change is enforcing physiological changes in Arctic Ecosystems Environ. Res. Lett., 18, 7, 074027
Yang, L., W. Wang, and J. Wei
Assessing the response of vegetation photosynthesis to flash drought events based on a new identification framework Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 339, 109545
Pan, G., and Y. Xu
Assessing China's Scope 2 CO2 emissions and mitigation pace from space Atmospheric Environment, 309, 119906
He, W., F. Jiang, W. Ju, F. Chevallier, D. Baker, J. Wang, M. Wu, M. C. Johnson, S. Philip, H. Wang, M. Bertolacci, Z. Liu, N. Zeng, and J. Chen
Improved constraints on the recent terrestrial carbon sink over China by assimilating OCO‐2 XCO2 retrievals J. Geophys. Res. Atmos.
Meng, F., S. Hong, J. Wang, A. Chen, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, I. Janssens, J. Mao, R. Myneni, J. Peñuelas, and S. Piao
Climate change increases carbon allocation to leaves in early leaf green‐up Ecology Letters, 26, 5, 816-826
Wang, J., N. Zeng, M. Wang, F. Jiang, F. Chevallier, S. Crowell, W. He, M. C. Johnson, J. Liu, Z. Liu, S. M. Miller, S. Philip, H. Wang, M. Wu, W. Ju, S. Feng, and M. Jia
Anomalous Net Biome Exchange Over Amazonian Rainforests Induced by the 2015/16 El Niño: Soil Dryness‐Shaped Spatial Pattern but Temperature‐dominated Total Flux Geophys Res Lett, 50, 11
Liu, W., J. Atherton, M. Mõttus, Z. Malenovský, S. Luo, Y. Zhang, and J. Gastellu-Etchegorry
Analysing far-red SIF directional anisotropy of three structurally contrasting forest canopies towards improved GPP estimation Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 338, 109531
Zhang, W., G. Luo, R. Hamdi, X. Ma, Y. Li, X. Yuan, C. Li, Q. Ling, O. Hellwich, P. Termonia, and P. De Maeyer
Can Gross Primary Productivity Products be effectively evaluated in regions with few observation data? GIScience & Remote Sensing, 60, 1
Fang, J., X. Li, J. Xiao, X. Yan, B. Li, and F. Liu
Vegetation photosynthetic phenology dataset in northern terrestrial ecosystems Scientific Data, 10, 1
He, W., F. Jiang, W. Ju, B. Byrne, J. Xiao, N. Nguyen, M. Wu, S. Wang, J. Wang, C. Rödenbeck, X. Li, M. Scholze, G. Monteil, H. Wang, Y. Zhou, Q. He, and J. Chen
Do State‐Of‐The‐Art Atmospheric CO2 Inverse Models Capture Drought Impacts on the European Land Carbon Uptake? J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., 15, 6
Hong, J., J. Kim, Y. Jung, W. Kim, H. Lim, S. Jeong, and S. Lee
Potential improvement of XCO2 retrieval of the OCO-2 by having aerosol information from the A-train satellites GIScience & Remote Sensing, 60, 1
Li, G., C. Wu, Y. Chen, C. Huang, Y. Zhao, Y. Wang, M. Ma, Z. Ding, P. Yu, and X. Tang
Increasing temperature regulates the advance of peak photosynthesis timing in the boreal ecosystem Science of The Total Environment, 882, 163587
Ding, H., Z. Yuan, X. Shi, J. Yin, F. Chen, M. Shi, and F. Zhang
Soil moisture content-based analysis of terrestrial ecosystems in China: Water use efficiency of vegetation systems Ecological Indicators, 150, 110271
Xie, X., and A. X. Li
How is the performance of satellite-based product suites in monitoring long-term dynamics of vegetation photosynthesis over global mountainous areas? International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 119, 103325
Chen, Z., R. Chen, Y. Yang, H. Pan, Q. Xie, C. Wang, B. Xu, and G. Yin
Decreased Sensitivity of Grassland Spring Phenology to Temperature on the Tibetan Plateau IEEE J. Sel. Top. Appl. Earth Observations Remote Sensing, 1-14
Dang, C., Z. Shao, X. Huang, Q. Zhuang, G. Cheng, and J. Qian
Climate warming-induced phenology changes dominate vegetation productivity in Northern Hemisphere ecosystems Ecological Indicators, 151, 110326
Song, S., J. Niu, S. Singh, and T. Du
Projection of net primary production under changing environment in Xinjiang using an improved wCASA model Journal of Hydrology, 620, 129314
Massie, S.T., H. Cronk, A. Merrelli, S. Schmidt, and S. Mauceri
Insights into 3D cloud radiative transfer effects for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory Atmos. Meas. Tech., 16, 8, 2145-2166
Sun, Y., J. Wen, L. Gu, J. Joiner, C. Chang, C. van der Tol, A. Porcar‐Castell, T. Magney, L. Wang, L. Hu, U. Rascher, P. Zarco‐Tejada, C. Barrett, J. Lai, J. Han, and Z. Luo
From remotely‐sensed solar‐induced chlorophyll fluorescence to ecosystem structure, function, and service: Part II-Harnessing data Glob Change Biol
Wang, Y., R. K. Braghiere, M. Longo, A. J. Norton, P. Köhler, R. Doughty, Y. Yin, A. A. Bloom, and C. Frankenberg
Modeling Global Vegetation Gross Primary Productivity, Transpiration and Hyperspectral Canopy Radiative Transfer Simultaneously Using a Next Generation Land Surface Model-CliMA Land J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., 15, 3
Metz, E., S. Vardag, S. Basu, M. Jung, B. Ahrens, T. El-Madany, S. Sitch, V. Arora, P. Briggs, P. Friedlingstein, D. S. Goll, A. Jain, E. Kato, D. L. Lombardozzi, J. E. Nabel, B. Poulter, R. Séférian, H. Tian, A. J. Wiltshire, W. Yuan, X. Yue, S. Zaehle, N. Deutscher, D. Griffith, and A. Butz
Soil respiration-driven CO2 pulses dominate Australia’s flux variability Science, 379, 6639, 1332-1335
Cao, S., H. Yi, L. Zhang, Q. Sun, Y. Zhang, H. Li, X. Wei, and Y. Liu
Spatiotemporal dynamics of vegetation net ecosystem productivity and its response to drought in Northwest China GIScience & Remote Sensing, 60, 1
de Souza Maria, L., F. Rossi, L. Costa, M. Campos, J. Blas, A. Panosso, J. Silva, C. Silva Junior, and N. La Scala Jr
Spatiotemporal analysis of atmospheric XCH4 as related to fires in the Amazon biome during 2015-2020 Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 30, 100967
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