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OCO-2 Publications

OCO-2 Publications between 2014 - December 31, 2023. See More >>

The following publications relate to the OCO and OCO-2 mission. Publications are authored by either a member or an affiliate of the OCO-2 Science or Instrument Teams, or have referenced the mission, instrument, or science. To obtain more information about a paper, please email our Science Team Lead, Junjie Liu.

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Huang, Y., R. Wang, M. Ju, X. Zhu, and Y. Xie
Reconstructing global daily XCO2 at 1° × 1° spatial resolution from 2016 to 2019 with multisource satellite observation data Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 18, 02
Huang, X., Z. Deng, F. Jiang, M. Zhou, X. Lin, Z. Liu, and M. Peng
Improved Consistency of Satellite XCO2 Retrievals Based on Machine Learning Geophys. Res. Lett., 51, 8
Xu, M., J. Chen, Y. Liu, R. Wang, R. Shang, J. Leng, L. Shu, J. Liu, R. Liu, Y. Liu, R. Yang, and Y. Yan
Comparative assessment of leaf photosynthetic capacity datasets for estimating terrestrial gross primary productivity Science of The Total Environment, 926, 171400
Kira, O., J. Wen, J. Han, A. McDonald, C. Barrett, A. Ortiz-Bobea, Y. Liu, L. You, N. Mueller, and Y. Sun
A scalable crop yield estimation framework based on remote sensing of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF) Environ. Res. Lett., 19, 4, 044071
Romaniello, V., C. Spinetti, and A. Piscini
Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Concentrations over Italy by means of OCO‑2 Satellite Data Series Annals of Geophysics, 66, 5, PA533
Li, T., S. Wang, B. Chen, Y. Wang, S. Chen, J. Chen, Y. Xiao, Y. Xia, Z. Zhao, X. Chen, Y. Jiang, and P. Gu
Widespread reduction in gross primary productivity caused by the compound heat and drought in Yangtze River Basin in 2022 Environ. Res. Lett., 19, 3, 034048
Ji, M., Y. Xu, Y. Zhang, Y. Mo, S. Zhu, W. Wang, M. Zhou, I. Morino, H. Ohyama, K. Shiomi, and Y. Oh
Validation of Remotely Sensed XCO2 Products With TCCON Observations in East Asia IEEE J. Sel. Top. Appl. Earth Observations Remote Sensing, 17, 7159-7169
Zhang, Q., X. Liu, K. Zhou, Y. Zhou, P. Gentine, M. Pan, and G. Katul
Solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence sheds light on global evapotranspiration Remote Sensing of Environment, 305, 114061
Wang, B., B. Smith, C. Waters, P. Feng, and D. Liu
Modelling changes in vegetation productivity and carbon balance under future climate scenarios in southeastern Australia Science of The Total Environment, 924, 171748
Jin, C., Y. Xue, T. Yuan, L. Zhao, X. Jiang, Y. Sun, S. Wu, and X. Wang
Retrieval anthropogenic CO2 emissions from OCO-2 and comparison with gridded emission inventories Journal of Cleaner Production, 448, 141418
Liu, Z., N. Zeng, P. Han, Q. Cai, B. Yao, P. Wang, W. Quan, W. Tang, Z. Liang, Y. Liu, and M. Cory
Detection of Chinese Spring Festival in Beijing using in-situ CO2 observations and atmospheric inversion Atmospheric Environment, 325, 120446
Ding, L., Z. Li, X. Wang, B. Shen, L. Xiao, G. Dong, L. Yu, B. Nandintsetseg, Z. Shi, J. Chang, and C. Shao
Spatiotemporal patterns and driving factors of gross primary productivity over the Mongolian Plateau steppe in the past 20 years Science of The Total Environment, 920, 170886
Hu, Y., F. Wei, S. Wang, W. Zhang, R. Fensholt, X. Xiao, and B. Fu
Critical thresholds for nonlinear responses of ecosystem water use efficiency to drought Science of The Total Environment, 918, 170713
Yuan, K., F. Li, G. McNicol, M. Chen, A. Hoyt, S. Knox, W. Riley, R. Jackson, and Q. Zhu
Boreal–Arctic wetland methane emissions modulated by warming and vegetation activity Nat. Clim. Chang.
Wu, Y., Y. Xie, and R. Wang
Exploring Urban XCO2 Patterns Using PRISMA Satellite: A Case Study in Shanghai Atmosphere, 15, 3, 246
Wang, C., Y. Yang, G. Yin, Q. Xie, B. Xu, A. Verger, A. Descals, I. Filella, and J. Peñuelas
Divergence in Autumn Phenology Extracted From Different Satellite Proxies Reveals the Timetable of Leaf Senescence Over Deciduous Forests Geophys. Res. Lett., 51, 4
Kang, J., B. Zhang, and A. Dang
A novel geospatial machine learning approach to quantify non-linear effects of land use/land cover change (LULCC) on carbon dynamics International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 128, 103712
Hong, X., C. Zhang, Y. Tian, Y. Zhu, Y. Hao, and C. Liu
First TanSat CO2 retrieval over land and ocean using both nadir and glint spectroscopy Remote Sensing of Environment, 304, 114053
Li, Y., S. Yan, J. Gong, J. Xiao, M. Asgarimehr, and J. Wickert
Soil moisture retrieval by a novel hybrid model based on CYGNSS and Sun-induced fluorescence data Journal of Hydrology, 632, 130845
Li, J., C. Wu, Y. Zhang, J. Peñuelas, L. Liu, and Q. Ge
Weakening warming on spring freeze–thaw cycle caused greening Earth’s third pole Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 121, 8
Guan, Y., G. McKinley, A. Fay, S. Doney, and G. Keppel-Aleks
Ocean-driven Interannual Variability in Atmospheric CO2 Quantified Using OCO-2 Observations and Atmospheric Transport Simulations Frontiers in Marine Science
Dalmonech, D., E. Vangi, M. Chiesi, G. Chirici, L. Fibbi, F. Giannetti, G. Marano, C. Massari, A. Nolè, J. Xiao, and A. Collalti
Regional estimates of gross primary production applying the Process-Based Model 3D-CMCC-FEM vs. Remote-Sensing multiple datasets European Journal of Remote Sensing, 57, 1
Qiu, R., G. Han, X. Li, J. Xiao, J. Liu, S. Wang, S. Li, and W. Gong
Contrasting responses of relationship between solar-induced fluorescence and gross primary production to drought across aridity gradients Remote Sensing of Environment, 302, 113984
Kumar, V., H. Chu, and A. Anand
Impacts of Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the Indian Ocean on Drought Conditions over India during ENSO and IOD Events Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 12, 1, 136
Du, K., J. Huang, W. Wang, Y. Zeng, X. Li, and F. Zhao
Monitoring Low-Temperature Stress in Winter Wheat Using TROPOMI Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing, 62, 1-11
Zhou, Y., X. Wei, Y. Wang, W. He, Z. Dong, X. Zhang, Y. Liu, N. Nguyen, and W. Ju
Solar radiation variation weakened the boost of gross primary production by vegetation restoration in China’s most forestry engineering areas during 2001–2020 Environ. Res. Lett., 19, 1, 014082
Zhang, Y., L. Liu, Y. Cheng, S. Kang, H. Li, L. Wang, Y. Shi, X. Liu, and L. Cheng
Intensified Structural Overshoot Aggravates Drought Impacts on Dryland Ecosystems Earth's Future, 12, 1
Liu, Z., N. Zeng, Y. Liu, J. Wang, P. Han, and Q. Cai
Weaker regional carbon uptake albeit with stronger seasonal amplitude in northern mid-latitudes estimated by higher resolution GEOS-Chem model Science of The Total Environment, 912, 169477
Peng, Q., B. Jia, X. Lai, L. Wang, and Q. Huang
Increasing gross primary productivity under soil warming and wetting on the Tibetan Plateau Environ. Res. Lett., 19, 2, 024021
Schimel, D., and D. Carroll
Carbon Cycle–Climate Feedbacks in the Post-Paris World Annu. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci., 52, 1
Shi, M., M. Keller, B. Bomfim, L. Li, C. Koven, L. Kueppers, R. Knox, J. Needham, S. Kao, P. Thornton, M. Thornton, and L. Ruby Leung
Functionally Assembled Terrestrial Ecosystem Simulator (FATES) for Hurricane Disturbance and Recovery AGU Advances, 16, 1
Miguel da Costa, L., G. André de Araújo Santos, G. Costa de Mendonça, L. de Souza Maria, C. Antônio da Silva Jr, A. Rodrigo Panosso, and N. La Scala Jr
Exploring CO2 Anomalies in Brazilian Biomes Combining OCO-2 & 3 data: Linkages to Wildfires Patterns Advances in Space Research
Tian, J., X. Luo, H. Xu, J. Green, H. Tang, J. Wu, and S. Piao
Slower changes in vegetation phenology than precipitation seasonality in the dry tropics Glob Change Biol, 30, 1
Wang, X., G. Chen, J. Awange, Y. Song, Q. Wu, X. Li, E. February, G. Saiz, R. Kiese, X. Li, J. Xiao, X. Zhao, and B. Wen
Establishing the global isoscape of leaf carbon in C3 plants through the integrations of remote sensing, carbon, geographic, and physiological information Remote Sensing of Environment, 302, 113987
Chen, T., J. Dai, X. Chen, C. Liang, T. Shi, Y. Lyu, F. Zhao, X. Wu, M. Gao, J. Huang, S. Zhou, and H. Dolman
Agricultural land management extends the duration of the impacts of extreme climate events on vegetation in double–cropping systems in the Yangtze–Huai plain China Ecological Indicators, 158, 111488
E. Kim, Jinhyuk., Jonathan. A. Wang, Yue. Li, Claudia. I. Czimczik, and James. T. Randerson
Wildfire-induced increases in photosynthesis in boreal forest ecosystems of North America Glob Change Biol, 30, 1
Li, Y., F. Jiang, M. Jia, S. Feng, Y. Lai, J. Ding, W. He, H. Wang, M. Wu, J. Wang, F. Shen, and L. Zhang
Improved estimation of CO2 emissions from thermal power plants based on OCO-2 XCO2 retrieval using inline plume simulation Science of The Total Environment, 913, 169586
Liu, X., B. Chu, R. Tang, Y. Liu, B. Qiu, M. Gao, X. Li, J. Xiao, H. Sun, X. Huang, A. R. Desai, A. Ding, and H. Wang
Air quality improvements can strengthen China’s food security Nature Food
Li, D., X. Li, Z. Li, Y. Fu, J. Zhang, Y. Zhao, Y. Wang, E. Liang, and S. Rossi
Drought limits vegetation carbon sequestration by affecting photosynthetic capacity of semi-arid ecosystems on the Loess Plateau Science of The Total Environment, 912, 168778
Anniwaer, N., X. Li, K. Wang, H. Xu, and S. Hong
Shifts in the trends of vegetation greenness and photosynthesis in different parts of Tibetan Plateau over the past two decades Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 345, 109851
Jacobs, N., C. O'Dell, T. Taylor, T. Logan, B. Byrne, M. Kiel, R. Kivi, P. Heikkinen, A. Merrelli, V. H. Payne, and A. Chatterjee
The importance of digital elevation model accuracy in XCO2 retrievals: improving the OCO-2 ACOS v11 product Atmos. Meas. Tech., 17, 5, 1375-1401
Hobbs, J., M. Katzfuss, H. Nguyen, V. Yadav, and J. Liu
Functional ANOVA for Carbon Flux Estimates from Remote Sensing Data Geosci. Model Dev., 17, 1133-1151
Wang, X., P. D. Blanken, J. D. Wood, Y. Nouvellon, P. Thaler, P. Kasemsap, A. Chidthaisong, P. Petchprayoon, C. Chayawat, J. Xiao, and X. Li
Solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence detects photosynthesis variations and drought effects in tropical rubber plantation and natural deciduous forests Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 339, 109591
Jia, L., Y. He, W. Liu, Y. Zhang, and Y. Li
Response of Photosynthetic Efficiency to Extreme Drought and Its Influencing Factors in Southwest China Sustainability, 15, 2, 1095
Liu, H., P. Xiao, X. Zhang, S. Chen, Y. Wang, and W. Wang
Winter snow cover influences growing-season vegetation productivity non-uniformly in the Northern Hemisphere Communications Earth & Environment 4: 299, 4, 487
Zhang, M., J. Berry, Y. Shiga, R. Doughty, N. Madani, X. Li, J. Xiao, J. Wen, Y. Sun, and S. M. Miller
Solar‐Induced Fluorescence Helps Constrain Global Patterns in Net Biosphere Exchange, as Estimated Using Atmospheric CO2 Observations Journal of Geographical Sciences, 128, 12
Chen, N., Y. Zhang, F. Yuan, C. Song, M. Xu, Q. Wang, G. Hao, T. Bao, Y. Zuo, J. Liu, T. Zhang, Y. Song, L. Sun, Y. Guo, H. Zhang, G. Ma, Y. Du, X. Xu, and X. Wang
Warming-induced vapor pressure deficit suppression of vegetation growth diminished in northern peatlands Nat Commun, 14, 1
Miller, D., S. Wolf, J. B. Fisher, B. Zaitchik, J. Xiao, and T. F. Keenan
Increased photosynthesis during spring drought in energy-limited ecosystems Nature, 14, 1
Zhang, L., S. Sha, Q. Zhang, F. Zhao, J. Zhao, H. Li, S. Wang, J. Wang, Y. Hu, and H. Han
Investigating the Coupling Relationship between Soil Moisture and Evaporative Fraction over China’s Transitional Climate Zone Hydrology, 10, 12, 221
Levine, P., A. Anthony Bloom, K. Bowman, J. T. Reager, J. Worden, J. Liu, N. Parazoo, V. Meyer, A. G. Konings, and M. Longo
Water Stress Dominates 21st‐Century Tropical Land Carbon Uptake AGU Advances, 37, 12
Dasgupta, S., S. Lall, and D. Wheeler
Subways and CO2 emissions: A global analysis with satellite data Science of The Total Environment, 883, 163691
Villalobos, Y., J. Canadell, E. Keller, P. Briggs, B. Bukosa, D. Giltrap, I. Harman, T. Hilton, M. Kirschbaum, R. Lauerwald, L. Liang, T. Maavara, S. Mikaloff‐Fletcher, P. Rayner, L. Resplandy, J. Rosentreter, E. Metz, O. Serrano, and B. Smith
A Comprehensive Assessment of Anthropogenic and Natural Sources and Sinks of Australasia's Carbon Budget AGU Advances, 37, 12
Keely, W., S. Mauceri, S. Crowell, and C. O'Dell
A nonlinear data-driven approach to bias correction of XCO2 for NASA's OCO-2 ACOS version 10 EGUsphere, 16, 23, 5725-5748
Albright, R., T. Gamalathge, X. Wang, X. Jiang, and L. Li
Impact of El Niño Southern Oscillation on CO2 and Solar‐Induced Fluorescence Over the Indo‐Pacific Region Earth and Space Science, 10, 12
Chen, Z., M. Zan, J. Kong, S. Yang, and C. Xue
Phenology of Vegetation in Arid Northwest China Based on Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Forests, 14, 12, 2310
Parazoo, N., G. Keppel-Aleks, S. Sander, B. Byrne, V. Natraj, M. Luo, J. Blavier, L. Dorsky, and R. Nassar
More Frequent Spaceborne Sampling of XCO2 Improves Detectability of Carbon Cycle Seasonal Transitions in Arctic-Boreal Ecosystems ESS Open Archive
Feldman, A., Z. Zhang, Y. Yoshida, P. Gentine, A. Chatterjee, D. Entekhabi, J. Joiner, and B. Poulter
A multi‐satellite framework to rapidly evaluate extreme biosphere cascades: The Western US 2021 drought and heatwave Glob Change Biol, 29, 13, 3634-3651
Sun, Z., Y. An, J. Kong, J. Zhao, W. Cui, T. Nie, T. Zhang, W. Liu, and L. Wu
Exploring the spatio-temporal patterns of global mangrove gross primary production and quantifying the factors affecting its estimation, 1996–2020 Science of The Total Environment, 908, 168262
Xu, W., W. Yuan, D. Wu, Y. Zhang, R. Shen, X. Xia, P. Ciais, and J. Liu
Impacts of record-breaking compound heatwave and drought events in 2022 China on vegetation growth Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 344, 109799
Zhao, F., W. Ma, J. Zhao, Y. Guo, M. Tariq, and J. Li
Global retrieval of the spectrum of terrestrial chlorophyll fluorescence: First results with TROPOMI Remote Sensing of Environment, 300, 113903
Li, Y., S. Yan, and J. Gong
Quantifying uncertainty in soil moisture retrieval using a Bayesian neural network framework Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 215, 108414
Xu, S., Y. Wang, Y. Liu, J. Li, K. Qian, X. Yang, and X. Ma
Evaluating the cumulative and time-lag effects of vegetation response to drought in Central Asia under changing environments Journal of Hydrology, 627, 130455
Pathakoti, M., M. D.V., S. Gaddamidi, A. Taori, V. Muvva, R. Bothale, I. Shaik, R. P, and P. Chauhan
Spatio-temporal variability of Atmospheric CO2 and CH4 concentrations over Antarctica using Ground and Space-based measurements Polar Science, 101012
Wang, H., P. Ciais, S. Sitch, J. Green, S. Tao, Z. Fu, C. Albergel, A. Bastos, M. Wang, D. Fawcett, F. Frappart, X. Li, X. Liu, S. Li, and J. Wigneron
Anthropogenic disturbance exacerbates resilience loss in the Amazon rainforests Glob Change Biol
Acito, N., M. Diani, M. Alibani, and G. Corsini
Matched Filter Based on the Radiative Transfer Model for CO2 Estimation From PRISMA Hyperspectral Data IEEE Geosci. Remote Sensing Lett., 61, 1-13
Ji, Y., W. Zhan, H. Du, S. Wang, L. Li, J. Xiao, Z. Liu, F. Huang, and J. Jin
Urban-rural gradient in vegetation phenology changes of over 1500 cities across China jointly regulated by urbanization and climate change ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 205, 367-384
Yang, M., J. Zou, J. Ding, W. Zou, and H. Yahefujiang
Stronger Cumulative than Lagged Effects of Drought on Vegetation in Central Asia Forests, 14, 11, 2142
Lv, Y., Y. Ma, H. Li, Y. Ding, Q. Meng, and J. Guo
Analysis of spatiotemporal patterns of atmospheric CO2 concentration in the Yellow River Basin over the past decade based on time-series remote sensing data Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 30 , 115745–115757
Liu, X., Q. Lai, S. Yin, Y. Bao, S. Tong, Z. Adiya, A. Sanjjav, and R. Gao
Spatio-temporal patterns and control mechanism of the ecosystem carbon use efficiency across the Mongolian Plateau Science of The Total Environment, 907, 167883
Li, N., J. Xiao, R. Bai, J. Wang, L. Wu, W. Gao, W. Li, M. Chen, and Q. Li
Preseason sunshine duration determines the start of growing season of natural rubber forests International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 124, 103513
Wang, C., Y. Chen, W. Tong, W. Zhou, J. Li, B. Xu, and Q. Hu
Mapping crop phenophases in reproductive growth period by satellite solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence: A case study in mid-temperate zone in China ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 205, 191-205
Qiao, Y., H. Gu, H. Xu, Q. Ma, X. Zhang, Q. Yan, J. Gao, Y. Yang, S. Rossi, N. Smith, J. Liu, and L. Chen
Accelerating effects of growing-season warming on tree seasonal activities are progressively disappearing Science Direct, 33, 17, 3625-3633.e3
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