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The following publications relate to the OCO and OCO-2 mission. Publications are authored by either a member or an affiliate of the OCO-2 Science or Instrument Teams, or have referenced the mission, instrument, or science. To obtain more information about a paper, please email our Science Team Lead, David Crisp.

If you have questions about the database, please contact our Science Data Application Lead, Karen Yuen.

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Halder, S., Tiwari, Y. K., Valsala, V., Sreeush, M. G., Sijikumar, S., Janardanan, R., and Maksyutov, S.
Quantification of Enhancement in Atmospheric CO2 Background Due to Indian Biospheric Fluxes and Fossil Fuel Emissions

Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Atmospheres, 126(13), e2021JD034545.

Lei, R., Feng, S., Danjou, A., Broquet, G., Wu, D., Lin, J. C., O'Dell, C. W., and Lauvaux, T.
Fossil fuel CO2 emissions over metropolitan areas from space: A multi-model analysis of OCO-2 data over Lahore, Pakistan

Remote Sensing of Environment, 264, 112625.

Zhang, Q., Li, M., Wang, M., Mizzi, A., Huang, Y., Wei, C., Jin, J., and Gu, Q.
CO2 Flux over the Contigous United States in 2016 Inverted by WRF-Chem/DART from OCO-2 XCO2 Retrievals

Remote Sensing, 13, 2996.

Braverman, A., Hobbs, J., Teixeira, J., and Gunson, M.
Post hoc Uncertainty Quantification for Remote Sensing Observing Systems

SIAM/ASA J. Uncertainty Quantification, 9, 1064-1093.

Worden, J., Saatchi, S., Keller, M., Bloom, A. A., Liu, J., Parazoo, N., Fisher, J. B., Bowman, K., Reager, J. T., Fahy, K., Schimel, D., Fu, R., Worden, S., Yin, Y., Gentine, P., Konings, A. G., Quetin, G. R., Williams, M., Worden, H., Shi, M., and Barkhordarian, A.
Satellite Observations of the Tropical Terrestrial Carbon Balance and Interactions With the Water Cycle During the 21st Century

Reviews of Geophysics, 59(1), e2020RG000711.

Stavros, E. N., Schimel, D., Pavlick, R., Serbin, S., Swann, A., Duncanson, L., Fisher, J. B., Fassnacht, F., Ustin, S., Dubayah, R., Schweiger, A., and Wennberg, P.
ISS observations offer insights into plant function

Nature Ecology & Evolution, 1, 0194.

Jiao, W., Wang, L., Smith, W. K., Change, Q., Wang, H., and D’Odorico, P.
Observed increasing water constraint on vegetation growth over the last three decades

Nature Communications, 12, 3777.

Birk, M., Röske, C., and Wagner, G.
High accuracy CO2 Fourier transform measurements in the range 6000–7000 cm−1

Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 272, 107791.

Kiel, M., Eldering, A., Roten, D. D., Lin, J. C., Feng, S., Lei, R., Lauvaux, T., Oda, T., Roehl, C. M., Blavier, J.-F., and Iraci, L. T.
Urban-focused satellite CO2 observations from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-3: A first look at the Los Angeles megacity, Remote Sensing of Environment

Remote Sensing of Environment, 258, 112314.

Müller, A., Tanimoto, H., Sugita, T., Machida, T., Nakaoka, S., Patra, P. K., and Crisp, D.
New approach to evaluate satellite-derived XCO2 over oceans by integrating ship and aircraft observations

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21(10), 8255–8271.

Filho, L. F. F. M., de Meneses, K. C., Santos, G. A. D., Bicalho, E. D., Rolim, G. D. and La Scala, N.
xCO2 temporal variability above Brazilian agroecosystems: A remote sensing approach

Journal of Environmental Management, 288, 112433.

Dong, X., Yue, M., Jiang, Y., Hu, X.-M., Ma, Q., Pu, J., and Zhou, G.
Analysis of CO2 spatio-temporal variations in China using a weather–biosphere online coupled model

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21, 7217–7233.

Wang, J., Wang, M., Kim, J.-S., Joiner, J., Zeng, N., Jiang, F., Wang, H., He, W., Wu, M., Chen, T. Ju, W., and Chen, M.
Modulation of Land Photosynthesis by the Indian Ocean Dipole: Satellite-Based Observations and CMIP6 Future Projections

AGU Earth's Future, 9(4), e2020EF001942.

Wen, L.X., Guo, M., Yin, S., Huang, S. B., Li, X. L., Yu, and F. B.
Vegetation Phenology in Permafrost Regions of Northeastern China Based on MODIS and Solar-induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence

Chinese Geographical Science, 31, 459–473.

Chen, Z., Huntzinger, D. N., Liu, J., Piao, S., Wang, X. Sitch, S., Friedlingstein, P., Anthoni, P., Arneth, A., Bastrikov, V., Goll, D. S., Haverd, V., Jain, A. K., Joetzjer, E., Kato, E., Lienert, S., Lombardozzi, D. L., McGuire, P. C., Melton, J. R., Nabel, J. E. M. S., Pongratz, J., Poulter, B., Tian, H., Wiltshire, A. J., Zaehle, S., and Miller, S. M.
Five years of variability in the global carbon cycle: comparing an estimate from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 and process-based models

Environmental Research Letters, 16(5), 054041.

Chen, Z., Liu, J., Henze, D. K., Huntzinger, D. N., Wells, K. C., Sitch, S., Fredlingstein, P., Joetzjer, E., Bastrikov, V., Goll, D. S., Haverd, V., Jain, A. K., Kato, E., Lienert, S., Lombardozzi, D. L., McGuire, P. C., Melton, J. R., Nabel, J. E. M. S., Poulter, B., Tian, H., Wiltshire, A. J., Zaehle, S., and Miller, S. M.
Linking global terrestrial CO2 fluxes and environmental drivers: inferences from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 satellite and terrestrial biospheric models

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21, 6663–6680.

Patra, P. K., Hajima, T., Saito, R., Chandra, N., Yoshida, Y., Ichii, K., Kawamija, M., Kondo, M., Ito, A., and Crisp, D.
Evaluation of earth system model and atmospheric inversion using total column CO2 observations from GOSAT and OCO-2

Progress in Earth and Planetary Science, 8, 25.

Buchwitz, M., Reuter, M., Noel, S., Bramstedt, K., Schneising, O., Hilker, M., Andrade, B. F., Bovensmann, H., Burrows, J. P., DiNoila, A., Boesch, H., Wu, L. H., Landgraf, J., Abin, I., Retscher, C., O’Dell, C. W., and Crisp, D.
Can a regional-scale reduction of atmospheric CO2 during the COVID-19 pandemic be detected from space? A case study for East China using satellite XCO2 retrievals

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 14(3), 2141-2166.

Jiang, X., Li, K.-F., Liang, M.-C., and Yung, Y. L.
Impact of Amazonian fires on atmospheric CO2

Geophysical Research Letters, 48(5), e2020GL091875.

Mustafa, F., Wang, H. J., Bu, L. B., Wang, Q., Shahzaman, M., Bilal, M., Zhou, M. Q., Iqbak, R.Aslam, R. W., Ali, M. A. and Qiu, Z. F.
Validation of GOSAT and OCO-2 against In Situ Aircraft Measurements and Comparison with CarbonTracker and GEOS-Chem over Qinhuangdao, China

Remote Sensing, 13(5), 899.

Massie, S. T., Cronk, H., Merrelli, A., O’Dell, C., Schmidt, K. S., Chen, H., and Baker, D.
Analysis of 3D cloud effects in OCO-2 XCO2 retrievals

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 14(2), 1475-1499.

Liu, J., Baskaran, L., Bowman, K., Schimel, D., Bloom, A. A., Parazoo, N. C., Oda, T., Carroll, D., Menemenlis, D., Joiner, J., Commane, R., Daube, B., Gatti, L. V., McKain, K., Miller, J., Stephens, B. B., Sweeney, C., and Wofsy, S.
Carbon Monitoring System Flux Net Biosphere Exchange 2020 (CMS-Flux NBE 2020).

Earth System Data Science, 13(2), 299–330.

Gaudet, B. J., Davis, K. J., Pal, S., Jacobson, A. R., Schuh, A., Lauvaux, T., Feng, S., and Browell, E. V.
Regional-Scale, Sector-Specific Evaluation of Global CO2 Inversion Models Using Aircraft Data From the ACT-America Project

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 126, e2020JD033623.

Hobbs, J., Katzfuss, M., Zilber, D., Brynjarsdottir, J., Mondal, A., and Berrocal, V.
Spatial Retrievals of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide from Satellite Observations

Remote Sensing, 13(4), 571.

Doughty, R., Xiao, X., Qin, Y., Wu, X., Zhang, Y., and Moore III, B.
Small anomalies in dry-season greenness and chlorophyll fluorescence for Amazon moist tropical forests during El Niño and La Niña

Remote Sensing of Environment, 253, 112196.

Zhang, Q., Li, M., Wei, C., Mizzi, A. P., Huang, Y., and Gu, Q.
Assimilation of OCO-2 retrievals with WRF-Chem/DART: A case study for the Midwestern United States

Atmospheric Environment, 246, 118106.

Choi, M., Sander, S. P., Spurr, R. J. D., Pongetti, T. J., van Harten, G. Drouin, B. J., Diner, D. J., Crisp, D., Eldering, A., Kalashnikova, O. V., Jiang, J. H., Hyon, J. J., and Fu, D.
Aerosol profiling using radiometric and polarimetric spectral measurements in the O2 near infrared bands: Estimation of information content and measurement uncertainties

Remote Sensing of Environment, 253, 112179.

Park, H., Jeong, S., Park, H., Labzovskii, L. D., and Bowman, K. W.
An assessment of emission characteristics of Northern Hemisphere cities using spaceborne observations of CO2, CO, and NO2

Remote Sensing of Environment, 254, 112246.

Zhang, Y., Migliavacca, M., Penuelas, J., and Ju, W.
Advances in hyperspectral remote sensing of vegetation traits and functions

Remote Sensing of Environment, 252, 112121.

Pan, G., Xu, Y., and Ma, J.
The potential of CO2 satellite monitoring for climate governance: A review

Journal of Environmental Management, 277, 111423.

David, L., Breon, F. M., and Chevallier, F.
XCO2 estimates from the OCO-2 measurements using a neural network approach

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 14, 117–132.

Nelson, R. R., Eldering, A., Crisp, D., Merrelli, A. J., and O'Dell, C. W.
Retrieved wind speed from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 13(12), 6889–6899.

Bloom, A. A., Bowman, K. W., Liu, J., Konings, A. G., Worden, J. R., Parazoo, N. C., Meyer, V., Reager, J. T., Worden, H. M., Jiang, Z., Quetin, G. R., Smallman, T. L., Exbrayat, J.-F., Yin, Y., Saatchi, S. S., Williams, M., and Schimel, D. S.
Lagged effects regulate the inter-annual variability of the tropical carbon balance

Biogeosciences, 17(24), 6393–6422.

Wang, J., Liu, Z., Zeng, N., Jiang, F., Wang, H., and Ju, W.
Spaceborne detection of XCO2 enhancement induced by Australian mega-bushfires

Environmental Research Letters, 15(12), 124069.

Sanghavi, S., Nelson, R., Frankenberg, C., and Gunson, M.
Aerosols in OCO-2/GOSAT retrievals of XCO2: An information content and error analysis

Remote Sensing of Environment, 251, 112053.

Chevallier, F., Zheng, B., Broquet, G., Ciais, P., Liu, Z., Davis, S., Deng, Z., Wang, Y., Breon, F.-M., and O'Dell, C. W
Local Anomalies in the Column Averaged Dry Air Mole Fractions of Carbon Dioxide Across the Globe During the First Months of the Coronavirus Recession

Geophysical Research Letters, 47(22), e2020GL090244.

Liu, J., Wennberg, P. O., Parazoo, N. C., Yin, Y., and Frankenberg, C.
Observational Constraints on the Response of High-Latitude Northern Forests to Warming

American Geophysical Union: Advances, 1(4), e2020AV000228.

Johnson, M. S., Schwandner, F. M., Potter, C. S., Nguyen, H. M., Bell, E., Nelson, R. R., Philip, S., and O’Dell, C. W
Carbon dioxide emissions during the 2018 Kilauea volcano eruption estimated using OCO-2 satellite retrievals

Geophysical Research Letters, 47(24), e2020GL090507.

Wang, J., Feng, L., Palmer, P. I., Liu, Y., Fang, S., Bösch, H., O’Dell, C. O., Tang, X., Yang, D., Liu, L., and Xia, C.
Large Chinese land carbon sink estimated from atmospheric carbon dioxide data

Nature, 586, pages 720–723.

Byrne, B., Liu, J., Bloom, A. A., Bowman, K. W., Butterfield, Z., Joiner, J., Keenan, T. F., Keppel-Aleks, G., Parazoo, N. C., and Yin, Y.
Contrasting Regional Carbon Cycle Responses to Seasonal Climate Anomalies Across the East-West Divide of Temperate North America

Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 34(11), e2020GB006598.

Hobbs, J., Drouin, B., Oyafuso, F., Payne, V., Gunson, M., McDuffie, J., and Mlawer, E. J.
Spectroscopic uncertainty impacts on OCO-2/3 retrievals of XCO2

Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 257, 107360.

Jacobs., N., Simpson, W., R., Wunch, D., O'Dell, C. W., Osterman, G. B., Hase, F., Blumenstock, T., Tu, Q. S., Frey, M., Dubey, M. K., Parker, H., A., Kivi, R., and Heikkinin, P.
Quality controls, bias, and seasonality of CO2 columns in the boreal forest with Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, Total Carbon Column Observing Network, and EM27/SUN measurements

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 13(9), 5033–5063.

Bao, Z. Y., Zhang, X., Y., Yue, T. X., Zhang, L. L., Wang, Z., Jiao, J. M., Bai, W. G. and Meng, X. Y.
Retrieval and Validation of XCO2 from TanSat Target Mode Observations in Beijing.

Remote Sensing, 12(18), 3063.

Richardson, M., Lebsock, M. D., McDuffie, J., and Stephens, G. L.
A new Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 cloud flagging method and rapid retrieval of marine boundary layer cloud properties

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 13, 4947-4961.

Li, X., Xiao, J., Kimball, J. S., Reichle, R. H., Scott, R. L., Litvak, M. E., Bohrer, G., and Frankenberg, C.
Synergistic use of SMAP and OCO-2 data in assessing the responses of ecosystem productivity to the 2018 U.S. drought

Remote Sensing of Environment, 251, 112062.

Taylor, T. E., Eldering, A., Merrelli, A., Kiel, M., Somkuti, P., Cheng, C., Rosenberg, R., Fisher, B., Crisp, D., Basilio, R., Bennett, M., Cervantes, D., Chang, A., Dang, L., Frankenberg, C., Haemerle, V. R., Keller, G. R., Kurosu, T., Laughner, J. L., Lee, R., Marchetti, Y., Nelson, R., O’Dell, C., Osterman, G., Pavlick, R., Roehl, C., Schneider, R., Spiers, G., To, C., Wells, C., Wennberg, P. O., Yelamanchili, A., Yu, S.
OCO-3 early mission operations and initial (vEarly) XCO2 and SIF retrievals

Remote Sensing of Environment, 251, 112032.

Fleurbaey, H., Yi, H., Adkins, E. M., Fleisher, A. J., and Hodges, J. T.
Cavity ring-down spectroscopy of CO2 near λ = 2.06 μm: Accurate transition intensities for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) "strong band"

Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer, 252, 107104.

von Clarmann, T., Degenstein, D. A., Livesey, N. J., Bender, S., Braverman, A., Butz, A., Compernolle, S., Damadeo, R., Dueck, S., Eriksson, P., Funke, B., Johnson, M. C., Kasai, Y., Keppens, A., Kleinert, A., Kramarova, N. A., Laeng, A., Langerock, B., Payne, V. H., Rozanov, A., Sato, T. O., Schneider, M., Sheese, P., Sofieva, V., Stiller, G. P., Von Savigny, C. and Zawada, D.
Overview: Estimating and reporting uncertainties in remotely sensed atmospheric composition and temperature

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 13(8), 4393–4436.

Maes, W. H., Pagan, B. R., Martens, B., Gentine, P., Guanter, L., Steppe, K., Verhoest, N. E. C., Dorigo, W., LI, X., Xiao, J., and Miralles, D. G.
Sun-induced fluorescence closely linked to ecosystem transpiration as evidenced by satellite data and radiative transfer models

Remote Sensing of Environment, 249, 112030.

Mustafa, F., Bu, L. B., Wang, Q., Ali, M. A., Biral, M., Shahzaman, M., Qiu, Z. F.
Multi-Year Comparison of CO(2)Concentration from NOAA Carbon Tracker Reanalysis Model with Data from GOSAT and OCO-2 over Asia

Remote Sensing, 12, 2498.

Janssens-Maenhout, G., Pinty, B., Dowell, M., Zunker, H., Andersson, E., Balsamo, G., Bézy, J.-L., Brunhes, T., Bösch, H., Bojkov, B., Brunner, D., Buchwitz, M., Crisp D., Ciais, P., Counet, P., Dee, D., Denier van der Gon, H., Dolman, H., Drinkwater, M. R., Dubovik, O., Engelen, R., Fehr, T., Fernandez, V., Heimann, M., Holmlund, K., Houweling, S., Husband, R., Juvyns, O. Kentarchos, A., Landgraf, J., Lang R., Löscher, A., Marshall, J., Meijer, Y., Nakajima, M., Palmer, P. I., Peylin, P., Rayner, P. Scholze, M., Sierk, B., Tamminen, J., and Veefkind, P.
Towards an operational anthropogenic CO2 emissions monitoring and verification support capacity

Bulletin of the American Meteorology Society, 101(8), E1439-E1451.

Susiluoto, J., Spantini, A., Haario, H., Harkonen, T., and Marzouk, Y.
Efficient multi-scale Gaussian process regression for massive remote sensing data with satGP v0.1.2

Geoscientific Model Development, 13, 3439–3463.

Yang, Y., Zhou, M.Q., Langerock, B., Sha, M. K., Hermans, C., Wang, T., Ji, D. H., Vigouroux, C., Kumps, N., Wang, G. C., De Maziere, M. and Wang, P.
New ground-based Fourier-transform near-infrared solar absorption measurements of XCO2, XCH4 and XCO at Xianghe, China

Earth System Science Data, 12(3), 1679–1696.

Zheng, B., Chevallier, F., Ciais, P., Broquet, G., Wang, Y., Lian, J., and Zhao, Y.
Observing carbon dioxide emissions over China's cities with the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 20(14), 8501–8510.

Parazoo, N. C., Magney, T., Norton, A., Raczka, B., Bacour, C., Maignan, F., Baker, I., Zhang, Y., Qiu, B., Shi, M., MacBean, N., Bowling, D. R., Burns, S., Blanken, P. D., Stutz, J., Grossmann, K., and Frankenberg, C.
Wide discrepancies in the magnitude and direction of modeled solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence in response to light conditions

Biogeosciences, 17, 3733–3755.

Yang, J., Li, S. W., Mao, F. Y., Min, Q. L., Gong, W., Zhang, L., and Liu, S.
Physical Parameterization of Hyperspectral Reflectance in the Oxygen A-Band for Single-Layer Water Clouds

Remote Sensing, 12(14), 2252.

Wang, S. P., van der A., R. J., Stammes, P., Wang, W. H., Zhang, P., Lu, N. M., and Fang, L.
Carbon Dioxide Retrieval from TanSat Observations and Validation with TCCON Measurements

Remote Sensing, 12(14), 2204.

Zhang, Y., Commane, R., Zhou, S., Wiliams, A. P., and Gentine, P.
Light limitation regulates the response of autumn terrestrial carbon uptake to warming

Nature Climate Change, 10, pages 739–743.

Sun, X., Duan, M., Gau, Y., Han, R., Ji, D., Zhang, W., Chen, N., Xia, X., Liu, H., and Huo, Y.
In situ measurement of CO2 and CH4 from aircraft over northeast China and comparison with OCO-2 data.

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 13, 3595–3607.

Byrne, B., Liu, J., Lee, M., Baker, I., Bowman, K. W., Deutscher, N. M., Feist, D. G., Griffith D. W. T., Iraci, L. T., Kiel, M., Kimball, J. S., Miller, C. E., Morino, I., Parazoo, N. C., Petri, C., Roehl, C. M., Sha, M. K., Strong, K., Velazco, V. A., Wennberg, P. O., and Wunch, D.
Improved constraints on northern extratropical CO2 fluxes obtained by combining surface-based and space-based atmospheric CO2 measurements

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 125(15), e2019JD032029.

Peng, B., Guan, K. Y., Zhou, W. , Jiang, C. Y., Frankenberg, C., Sun, Y., He, L. Y. and Kohler, P.
Assessing the benefit of satellite-based Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence in crop yield prediction

International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 90, 102126.

Quetin, G. R., Bloom, A. A., Bowman, K. W., and Konings, A. G.
Carbon Flux Variability From a Relatively Simple Ecosystem Model With Assimilated Data Is Consistent With Terrestrial Biosphere Model Estimates

Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 12(3), e2019MS001889.

Yang, Z., Bi, Y.-M., Wang, Q., Liu, C.-B., Gu, S.-Y., Zheng, Y., Lin, C., Yin, Z., and Tian, L.
Inflight Performance of the TanSat Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Grating Spectrometer

IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 58(7).

Shekhar, A., Chen, J., Dietrich, F., Zhao, X., Bhattacharjee, S., Ruisinger, V., and Wofsy, S.
Anthropogenic CO2 emissions assessment of Nile Delta using XCO2 and SIF data from OCO-2 Satellite

Environmental Research Letters, 15(9), 095010.

Zeng, Z.-C. Chen, S., Natraj, V., Le, T., Xu, F., Merrelli, A., Crisp, D., Sander, S. P., and Yung, Y.L.
Constraining the vertical distribution of coastal dust aerosol using OCO-2 O2 A-band measurements

Remote Sensing of Environment, 236, 111494.

Chen, S., Wang, S., Su, L., Dong, C., Ke, J., Zheng, Z., Cheng, C., Tong, B., and Liu, D.
Optimization of the OCO-2 Cloud Screening Algorithm and Evaluation against MODIS and TCCON Measurements over Land Surfaces in Europe and Japan


Miller, S. M. and Michalak, A. M.
The impact of improved satellite retrievals on estimates of biospheric carbon balance

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 20(1), 323–331.

Miller, S. M., Saibaba, A. K., Trudeau, M. E.,Mountain, M. E., and Andrews, A. E.
Geostatistical inverse modeling with very large datasets: an example from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) satellite

Geoscientific Model Development, 13(3), 1771–1785.

Qiu, B., Ge, J., Guo, W., Pittman, A. J. and Mu, M.
Responses of Australian Dryland Vegetation to the 2019 Heat Wave at a Subdaily Scale

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Ensemble-based satellite-derived carbon dioxide and methane column-averaged dry-air mole fraction data sets (2003–2018) for carbon and climate applications

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 13(2), 789–819.

Yang, E. G., Kort, E. A., Wu, D., Lin, J. C., Oda, T., Ye, X., and Lauvaux, T.
Using space-based observations and Lagrangian modeling to evaluate urban carbon dioxide emissions in the Middle East

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 125(7), e2019JD031922.

Ye, X., Lavaux, T., Kort, E. A., Oda, T., Feng, S., Lin, J. C., Yang, E. G., and Wu, D.
Constraining Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions From Urban Area Using OCO-2 Observations of Total Column CO2

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 125(8), e2019JD030528.

Yin, Y., Byrne, B., Liu, J., Wennberg, P. O., Davis, K. J., Magney, T., Kohler, P.,He, L., Jerayam, R., Humphrey, V., Gerken, T., Feng, S.,; Digangi, J. P., and Frankenberg, C.
Cropland Carbon Uptake Delayed and Reduced by 2019 Midwest Floods

AGU Advances, 1(1), e2019AV000140.

Yu, S., Rosenberg, R., Bruegge, C., Chapsky, L., Fu, D., Lee, R., Taylor, T., Cronk, H., O'Dell, C., Angal, A., Xiong, X., Crisp, D., and Eldering, A.
Stability Assessment of OCO-2 Radiometric Calibration Using Aqua MODIS as a Reference

Remote Sensing, 12(8), 1269.

Zhang, Z., Zhang, Y., Porcar-Castell, A., Joiner, J., Guanter, L., Yang, X., Migliavacca, M., Ju, W., Sun, Z., Chen, S., Martin, D., Zhang, Q., Li, Z., Cleverly, J., Wang, H., and Gulas, Y.
Reduction of structural impacts and distinction of photosynthetic pathways in a global estimation of GPP from space-borne solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence

Remote Sensing of Environment, 240, 111722.

Zhang, Z., Zhang, Y., Zhang, Y., Gobron, N., Frankenberg, C., Wang, S., and Li, Z.
The potential of satellite FPAR product for GPP estimation: An indirect evaluation using solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence

Remote Sensing of Environment, 240, 111686.

Bell, E., O'Dell, C. W., Davis, K. J., Campbell, H., Browell, E., Denning, A. S., Dobler, J., Erxleben, W., Fan, T.-F., Kooi, S., Lin, B., Pal, S., and Weir, B.
Evaluation of OCO-2 XCO2 Variability at Local and Synoptic Scales using Lidar and In Situ Observations from the ACT-America Campaigns

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 125(10), Article Number: e2019JD031400.

Elsey, J., Coleman, M. D., Gardiner, T. D., Menang, K. P., and Shine, K. P.
Atmospheric observations of the water vapour continuum in the near-infrared windows between 2500 and 6600 cm(-1)

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 13(5), 2335–2361.

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